BlastTac XB Series Bulletproof Panels

NEW BlastTac XB Series Bulletproof Panels

New BlastTac® XB Series Bulletproof Panels are Superior in Innovation and Performance.

XB Series ballistic panels are durable, long lasting, corrosion and fire resistant,. We offer three ballistic panel options including the standard panel, strike panel and advance strike panel. Each panel varies in arial density and thickness. The XB series is tested to UL752 level 4-10 in bullet resistance. Level 10 has the ability to survive the force of a 50-caliber gun. With a bulletproof exterior, our panels are also suitable for military force protection and military shelters. Our bulletproof panels are also suitable for the seemingly less extreme applications including event venues, schools, hospitals, hotels and office buildings.BlastTac XB Series Bulletproof Panels Protection

We also conducted an analysis of other competitive protection solutions. The XB Series out ranks steel and concrete in performance, adaptability and versatility. Steel and concrete cannot compete with our XB series, neither are stealthy or lightweight. Concrete does not meet standards for compact packaging, re-usability or trans portability and on the other hand steel is not corrosion resistant. Ultimately two seemingly effective protection solutions are ineffective in meeting standard protection requirements.

BlastTac’s current line of blast blankets and blast curtains are available in four series including: aerospace, commercial and industrial, gas and oil, and military and police. Additionally, FireMax technology defends against fire, heat and arc flash in a single textile. The woven fabric is non-flammable, it will not burn, melt or ignite and remarkably sheds molten metal, certain chemicals, flammable liquids, and other molten substances. BlastTac FireMax fabrics, engineered by CarbonX®, can be used with any of our blast curtains or blast blankets. With ballistic, frag and fire protection capabilities we can create a product that meets your safety specifications.

We manufacture the BlastTac line with Military grade materials and manufactured at Breton Industries, a U.S. Military Contractor located in Amsterdam, NY operating since 1949.

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