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Experience BlastTac®Bulletproof Curtains and Blankets

BlastTac® bulletproof curtains and blankets are designed to meet the demanding safety standards of a variety of applications. The BlastTac® line consists of seven different series including: AB, CB, SB, MB, FM, XB and PB.

BlastTac designed the AB Series for use in the aerospace industry. The AB Series is UL752 certified to levels 1, 2 and 3 in bullet resistance. We engineer AB Series bulletproof curtains and blankets with ArmourCore™ 132 technology for advanced protection against blast, ballistics and high-speed frag. In addition, Core Matrix Technology™ eliminates the need for layer counting, quilting and lamination.

BlastTac’s CB Series commercial and industrial blast curtains and blast blankets are effective against both deformable and non-deformable threats. CB Series bulletproof curtains and blankets use 9865 Matrix Technology™ and Unidirectional ArmourCore™ 121 technology to absorb the impact of bullets and fragmentation while significantly reducing back-face trauma. Similarly, the 1050 deiner, U.S. Military Grade ballistic nylon is durable and suitable for waterproof protection. They are lightweight, flexible and odor resistant.

For blast protection in the gas and oil industry, BlastTac created the SB Series. With manifold pressures running between 15,000 – 25,000 psi, the SB Series uses ArmourCore™ 127 for increased protection against ballistic and fragmentation threats. SB Series bulletproof curtains and blankets test to UL752 levels 1, 2 and 3 in bullet resistance.

We designed the MB Series as a result of increased threats of terrorism, shootings, IED’s and explosives affecting our police and military personnel. MB Series bulletproof curtains and blankets are Berry Amendment Compliant. They are also military grade and UL752 Certified to levels 2 and 3 in bullet resistance. The MB Series uses 9865 Matrix technology™ which significantly reduces back-face trauma.

FireMax® Fire Protection

FireMax is applicable to any of our series for additional high-temperature, arc flash, chemical and fire protection. For exclusively fire protection, FireMax offers its own line of FM Series thermal blankets and curtains. The FM Series is truly non-flammable as the custom woven fabric will not burn, melt, or ignite. Consumers can re-use FM Series blankets and curtains even after direct flame and extreme heat exposure.

BlastTac blast curtains and blast blankets are portable, lightweight and more effective than steel.  Chesapeake Testing, an independent lab in Maryland, tests and certifies our blankets and curtains. BlastTac is manufactured at Breton Industries, a U.S. Military Contractor located in Amsterdam, NY operating since 1949. Our military experience is the driving force behind the careful design and manufacturing of the world’s finest blast curtains and blankets.

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