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BlastTac®Introduces New XB Series Bullet Resistant Panels

BlastTac introduces all new XB Series Bullet Resistant Panels.

The devastating increase in school shootings has led BlastTac to create the ultimate bulletproof solution. Our bullet resistant panels provide protection throughout schools, hospitals, and even military shelters. Our new BlastTac XB Series bullet resistant panels are NIJ levels 4-10. XB Series bullet resistant panels serve as both permanent and temporary structures. We customize our panels to fit your application, size and installation. 

BlastTac’s FireMax fireproof technology provides additional protection against extreme heat, fire and arc flash. FireMax woven fabric is non-flammable and will not burn, melt, or ignite, it will also school safety blast panelsshed molten metal, certain chemicals, flammable liquids and other molten substances. Because FireMax is an optional feature, it is applicable to any of the BlastTac series. FireMax is lightweight, flexible, waterproof and odor resistant.

XB Series panels are corrosion and fire resistant, they are also reusable even after the impact. In addition, we offer three panel options. Our panel options include standard panels, strike panels and advance strike panels with differing thicknesses and arial density.

Choosing an efficient and indestructible school safety plan requires a bulletproof performance. We engineer the XB Series with the ability to fit applications with extreme protection requirements including military force protection. Because exponential ballistic protection is not an option, the XB Series can provide unbeatable ballistic protection to schools across the nation.  

The BlastTac Line

BlastTac® offers a wide variety of ballistic, blast and fire protection through our series of UL752 levels 1-3 blast curtains. Our UL752 levels 1-3 series applications include: aerospace, commercial and industrial, fire protection, gas and oil, and military and police. 

BlastTac® is manufactured by Breton Industries, a U.S. Military Contractor located in Amsterdam, NY established in 1949. We engineer our blast blankets and blast curtains with the latest technology and innovation using U.S. made, U.S. Military grade materials. Our military experience is the driving force behind the careful design and manufacturing of the world’s finest blast blankets and blast curtains.

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